Castelrotto (BZ)

Balancing Work and Family Amidst Nature’s Beauty

CLIENT Silbernagl Urban & Co. KG
SERVICES Architectural Design, Construction Management, Liquidation, Energy Concept, Energy Calculations
LOCATION I-390040 Castelrotto (BZ)
SURFACE / VOLUME 110m² living space, 268m² commercial and office space
ENERGY CLASS Klimahaus „Gold Plus“, (10 kWh/m²a)
PARTNERS Statics and safety: Engr. Stefan Villotti

The distinct character of Silbernagl Urban & Co. KG’s new company building is defined by its striking three-sided cantilevered terrace, serving a dual purpose. It acts as a roof for the wholesale business’s loading and unloading area, while also providing a spacious green oasis for the first-floor apartments and offices.

Remarkably, the construction methods for the business and residential spaces vary significantly. The first floor was erected using prefabricated reinforced concrete elements, while the upper floor was entirely constructed with timber. The residential level is designed as a passive house and boasts a “Gold plus” climate house certification. Heating and cooling needs are met through a brine ground collector and heat pumps, with a rooftop photovoltaic system completing the sustainable energy concept.