Future-Oriented Living in Climate House A

Client Housing Cooperative Aurum
Services Architectural planning and construction supervision, energy concept, energy calculations
Location I-39040 Ora (BZ)
Usable area/Volume 1.375m² / 5.900m³
Energy class Casaclima “A”
Partners Structural engineering: Eng. Ulrich Kauer │Building technology: Mr. Ind. Kousminscky Heinrich | Electrical planning: Eng. Mirko Beikircher | Safety: Arch. Raimund Hofer

The multi-family house with 14 living units is part of the Palain residential area in Auer. A distinctive element of this area is the street wall, which in the project is achieved through the differentiation of the ground floor in color and structure. The external shape of the building, with its varying heights, is dictated by the implementation plan. The design focused on providing residents with as much individuality and flexibility as possible in the apartment floor plans. This is also reflected in the facade, where the uniform window shapes give the building a common denominator.

The building is planned as a Climate House “A,” with the energy for heating and hot water supplied by a heat pump in combination with geothermal and photovoltaic systems.