Naz (BZ)

Preserving the past, shaping the future.

Client Family B.
Services Arch. Planning, construction management, accounting
Construction time 2020-2024
Location I-39040 Naz (BZ)
Usable area / volume
Energy class
Partners Static: Andreas Erlacher; Safety: Tipp Werner Hunglinger; Survey: Dr. Martin Laimer

The project involved the restoration of a 15th-century farmhouse with a barn, which is under cultural heritage protection. The guidelines for the interventions were respect for the existing architecture and the preservation of historical elements. Among the significant actions, the careful maintenance of the historic “Stube” (traditional living room), which was dismantled and then reassembled in its original configuration, stands out. The windows and other wooden elements were also subject to careful restoration.

The reconfiguration of the space allowed for the creation of two apartments, adapting the building to the functional needs and requirements of the client. To improve the thermal performance of the farmhouse, innovative solutions were adopted, such as the installation of a wood chip heating system, the application of thermal insulating interior plaster, insulation of the attic, and the renovation of the roof. These measures contributed to a significant increase in the building’s energy efficiency, integrating modern functionalities while respecting its historical significance.