Grassobbio (BG)

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CLIENT Hoval Srl
SERVICES Architectural Planning, Energy Concept, Energy Calculations
LOCATION I-24050 Grassobbio (BG)
CONSTRUCTION TIME 03/2014-09/2014
USABLE AREA / VOLUME 1.480m² / 8.700m³
ENERGY CLASS KlimaHaus “Gold” (6.2 kWh/m²a) / Passive House
PARTNERS Architecture: Arch. Vera Leitner | Structural, Safety, Electrical, Fire Protection, Acoustics, Geology: studio rinnova | Logistics Consulting: Mag. (FH) Josef Bamhakl

The central design idea of this project is to encapsulate the company’s values and vision within the architecture. The structure is characterized by a straightforward linear form, enhanced by unique standout features. Before even entering, one’s attention is captivated by the ‘heart’ of the enterprise: the boiler room, showcased like a jewel within a glass structure. Another prominent feature is the training room on the upper level, commanding attention with its projecting position and breathtaking Alpine views. The company’s ethos, ‘Responsibility for Energy and Environment’, is embodied through the integration of advanced technology and energy-efficient solutions, coupled with a green-accented facade.

The building, a striking red cube, forms a bold and unmistakable link to the Hoval company’s logo and products. Thus, the architecture becomes a tangible representation of the company’s ideals and ethos.

Recognition: First place in an architectural competition.