Bolzano (BZ)

Reviving spaces, revitalizing lives.

Client Sparkasse Bank
Services Planning, Construction management, Accounting
Location I-39100 Bolzano (BZ)
Construction Time 2022-2023
Surface / Volume
Energy Class
Partners Static: Runglinger Werner Tibb; Safety: Marchesoni Luca; Mechanical Systems: Bornancin Roberto

The recent renovation project, carried out by our office, has transformed the Sparkasse bank’s long-abandoned gym into a modern and welcoming fitness space. Completely underground, the facility now includes an up to date  gym and a room dedicated for team sports, offering a comprehensive solution for the well-being and physical activity of employees.

Managing the underground construction site presented significant challenges, especially in combating the infiltration problems that have plagued the structure over the years. Thanks to the competence and commitment of our team, these difficulties were successfully overcome, allowing for the complete renovation of the spaces.

A crucial aspect of the project was the replacement and upgrade of all technical systems: a new condensing boiler was installed to ensure efficient and sustainable heating, while the Air Handling Unit (AHU) with heat recovery guarantees optimal ventilation with significant energy savings. Furthermore, the electrical system and the security system were completely renewed, introducing the latest technologies to ensure a safe environment that meets the highest standards.

This project not only revived a forgotten space, transforming it into a top-level physical activity center, but also demonstrated our office’s ability to tackle and solve complex engineering and architectural challenges, reaffirming our commitment to creating functional, sustainable and cutting-edge spaces.