Bressanone (BZ)

A vacation in complete comfort.

Client M.
Services Architectural planning and construction management, invoicing
Construction period I – 39042 Bressanone (BZ)
Location 2017-2018
Usable area / Volume 840m² / 1.760m³
Energy class Klimahaus “A” Wellcome

This project stood out for its time efficiency, with record construction completed in just 6 months, from March to December 2017. A distinctive feature of this building is the top floor constructed of solid wood, left exposed internally, which has made the rooms on this level particularly sought after and consistently rented.

Particular attention was paid to the building’s acoustics to ensure maximum comfort for guests, making every stay peaceful and restful. Moreover, the project distinguishes itself in sustainability, thanks to the adoption of district heating as a solution for heating the entire structure, minimizing environmental impact.

The design of the residence balances functionality and aesthetics, being both practical and visually striking. Despite the technical and logistical challenges, including construction in a limited area and attached to a slope, with the presence of water from the water table emerging from the slope, the overall cost of the project was contained, being lower than expected compared to the high quality of the final result.

The residence, named Solarraum, has turned a complex situation into an extraordinary success, earning excellent reviews on booking platforms such as Booking.