Seiseralm (BZ)

Sports and Scenic Splendor: A Perfect Fusion

CLIENT Rauch Agnes LPs
SERVICES Architectural Design, Construction Management, Liquidation
LOCATION I – 39040 Alpe di Siusi (BZ)
SURFACE / VOLUME 1.450m², 7.350m³
ENERGY CLASS Klimahaus A, (21 kWh/m²a)
PARTNERS Statics: Engr. Andreas Erlacher |Building Services: Engr. Bernhard Psenner |Electrics: AT & E, Engr. Otto Vinatzer |Acoustics: Engr. Andreas Rehm |Glass: Christian Kaser |Interior Design: Kurt Tschaffert |Safety, Cadastre: Geom. Julius Profanter |Excavation Safety: Engr. Philipp Gamper |Energy Consulting: gmi team

The cross-country skiing center, nestled at an elevation of 1800m on the Alpe di Siusi within the Sciliar Nature Park, captivates with its meticulous harmony with the alpine landscape. Careful planning and integration have resulted in a design where the new building ensemble harmoniously melds into the surrounding terrain. Due to the gentle slope, the north side of the landscape flows seamlessly over the new buildings, rendering them primarily visible from the south side. Bridges link the building sections, some with gracefully curved forms that reinforce the concept of landscape integration in their design.

This harmony with nature extends indoors, where the landscape is artfully framed. The restaurant boasts expansive glazing that provides breathtaking panoramic views. Inside, a straightforward, functional spatial layout accommodates the bar, restaurant, shop, changing rooms, lockers, and sanitary facilities. Materials are deliberately restrained, with a focus on wood, glass, and greenery.