Bozen (BZ)

City Living, Elevated: Maisonette-Style

CLIENT Family K.
SERVICES Architectural Design, Construction Management, Liquidation, Energy Concept, Energy Calculations
LOCATION I – 39100 Bolzano (BZ)
SURFACE / VOLUME 250m² / 1.100m³
ENERGY CLASS Klimahaus „A“ (20 kWh/m²a)
PARTNERS Statics and safety: Kauer engineering office| Electrical: Per. Ind. Christofoletti Jochen

The renovation of a 17th-century building located in the heart of Bolzano, under the protection of an architectural ensemble, posed a unique challenge. While preserving and restoring the exterior appearance and its distinctive features, the interior of the building underwent a complete transformation, resulting in two spacious maisonette apartments.

As part of the energy upgrade, a combination of exterior and partial interior insulation, window replacements, roof and ground-level ceiling insulation, along with the installation of a ventilation system, were carried out. These measures collectively led to an impressive 85% reduction in heating requirements, bringing them down from 191 kWh/m²a to just 28 kWh/m²a. The building earned certification as a Climate House A, showcasing its commitment to sustainable living.