Kastelruth (BZ)

Embracing a Fresh Look: Living and Working in Style

CLIENT Parsonage Castelrotto
SERVICES Architectural Design, Construction Management, Liquidation, Energy calculations
LOCATION I-390040 Castelrotto (BZ)
SURFACE / VOLUME 920m² / 3.800m³
ENERGY CLASS CasaClima „A“ (19 kWh/m²a)
PARTNERS Statics: Engr. Andreas Erlacher | Building Services: Engr. Bernhard Psenner | Safety, Cadastre: Geom. Julius Profanter

The parsonage, constructed in 1965, underwent an extensive renovation with a strong emphasis on energy efficiency. Thanks to the visionary approach of the building owners, an innovative “Factor 10 refurbishment” was achieved, resulting in a remarkable 90% reduction in heating requirements.

This comprehensive transformation included the installation of 32cm thermal insulation for the roof and 25cm for the exterior walls. New triple-glazed windows and thermally insulated roller shutter boxes were added to minimize heat loss. To eliminate thermal bridges, the existing concrete balconies were replaced with new wooden ones. Furthermore, the incorporation of a comfort ventilation system not only reduces energy costs but also ensures superior indoor air quality throughout the 2nd and 3rd floors.