St. Pankraz – Ulten (BZ)

The return to nature

Client Family E.
Services Architectural planning and site management, energy calculations
Location 39010 St. Pankraz
Construction Time 2017
Surface / Volume 110 m2/ 290 m3
Energy Class CasaClima B

The cottage nestles on a meadow slope below St. Pankraz village, boasting a unique blend of natural elements. Dark forests stand in stark contrast across from it, while a babbling stream winds through the valley below. The cottage itself rises above the meadow on sturdy supports, with a terrace extending into a majestic walnut tree at its southwest corner. This tree offers natural shade during summer and welcomes abundant sunlight into the interior during winter, all without the need for extensive terrain alterations or bulky retaining walls.

A commitment to ecology and sustainability guided the entire project. The clients insisted on using locally sourced timber, harvested years ago from the valley, for construction. Local companies brought this vision to life, contributing significantly to the region’s economy. The result is what we can call a “0 km house,” where the material of choice, wood, not only graces the facade but also adorns the roof, seamlessly integrating the cottage into its idyllic surroundings.